Step 1: 

Fill out our pledge form, and share the names of the three friends you’ll commit to turn out and vote this November.

Step 2: 

Check out our message templates and tips provided below on how to reach out to your three friends, and make sure they have everything they need to safely vote.

Step 3: 

Talk to your friends by Election Day and confirm they cast their ballot! (“I Voted” sticker selfie optional)

Take the pledge now!

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Take the Pledge: Triple Your Vote

Vote tripling is a type of relational organizing where you commit to get three people you know to turn out and vote. We know that mass messaging can often be ignored or mistrusted, but an ask directly from someone we know will make us more likely to listen—and to follow through.

Vote tripling is a simple tactic that’s proven to boost voter turnout. And as we approach the most important election of our lifetime, we cannot risk leaving a single voter behind on Election Day.


Message Templates and Tips

Once you've taken the pledge, now comes the fun part -- talking to your three friends to make sure they’re all in. We can’t assume if folks will vote this November, which is why we’re asking you to reach out to them right now and make sure they know how important it is to cast their vote.

First - that means being clear about why you (yes, you!) want your friend to vote this year. Share why you are planning to vote. Make sure they know how high the stakes are, and how voting will make an impact.

Then - once they’re fired up, make sure they have a plan on how to safely vote. Whether they vote early, vote by mail, or vote on Election Day, they will need to start planning right now to check any requirements or deadlines for their state. Share resources like or the Election Protection Hotline.

Ready to get started? Check out this outreach toolkit for quick messages you can customize and share with your three people right now, to help get the conversation going. We’ll be sending you more reminders and tips as we get closer to Election Day!

Email/Facebook Message:

Hey! It’s been a while, hope you’re doing well and staying healthy.

Hard to believe that the election is just a few days away now! It’s so important that we all take part this year, and I’m really excited to cast my vote.

I wanted to check in and ask, are you planning to vote this November? There’s a ton of options now on how to vote due to COVID, like voting by mail or early vote. Let me know how you’re thinking about voting, I’m happy to send you some helpful voting resources I’ve found online.

Talk more soon!

Hey! Election Day is coming up quick and I wanted to make sure you’re ready 🗳 Are you planning to vote? Let me know if I can share more info or help answer any questions!

Tweet/Text Message:

Some additional tips:

  • Make it personal. Be specific about why you’re voting this November and speak from the heart about the future you want to see for yourself, your community and your country. Let your friend dream with you, and make the connection between the world you want and how voting will help make it possible.
  • Approach with empathy. Some folks you reach might not have voted recently, or voted at all, and likely have their own reasons why. We don’t want to shame them or patronize them -- your conversations should come from a place of respect and trust. Ask questions and genuinely listen to their response, so you can have a meaningful conversation. 
  • Help answer questions! If your friend has questions about how to vote -- like how to check their voter registration info, when they need to return their absentee ballot request, or if they need to bring an ID to the polls -- do your best to help them find the answers as quickly as possible. Send them to or have them call 866-OUR-VOTE
  • If needed, leave the door open. Not everyone may be open to the discussion, and may not get back to you (or may not respond in a positive way). Don’t get discouraged -- let them know that they can reach out anytime, and try to connect again in a few days.