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2020.indivisible.org is a website of Indivisible Action. Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee fueled by the grassroots movement to win elections and build local, independent progressive power nationwide.

Dials to Save Democracy

If you want to make an impact on voter turnout, and get started right away, phonebanking is the tool for you! Sign up for a phonebanking shift to support work in key races across the country and share information with voters on how they can safely cast their ballot. 

Defeat Trump

We are engaging voters in battleground states that are critical in the presidential election, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Flip the Senate

We're calling voters to flip Senate seats currently held by Republicans in Maine, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Montana, Colorado, Texas, and Kentucky.

Hold the House

We’re supporting our slate of Indivisible endorsed candidates running across the country by talking to voters about where they stand on the issues, and encouraging supporters to cast their ballots.

Step 1: 

Sign up for a shift making calls to voters in key states to connect them directly and make sure they're ready to take part in the 2020 election.

Step 3: 

Check out the phonebank shift calendar and plan how you can stay involved!

Step 2: 

After signing up for a shift you will receive an Indivisible email with:

  • Information about logging in to our call tool called Hubdialer
  • Link to training video to watch
  • Link to our help desk to submit any questions
Sign up now!

In order to volunteer, folks will need access to a computer or tablet with internet connection to log in to our remote phonebanking system, as well as a phone (landline or cell phone) to receive the calls.


Who You Will Be Talking To

Through our tools, you'll be connected with registered voters in target states across the country. This year, we think it is really important to make sure everyone stands up to be counted, so we are focusing on talking to Democratic voters, from never-voters to semi-frequent voters, to remind them to vote in November. We know that we can’t win this cycle without a wave of Democratic support up and down the ballot.