That’s why Indivisibles across the country are joining together this year to elect Joe Biden and build a Congress that serves the people, not the president.

Our democracy can’t survive another four years of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

Flip the Senate

Republicans in Congress haven’t been doing their jobs; it’s time they find new ones. We’re targeting 11 Republican incumbents to win the Senate and send Mitch McConnell back to Kentucky.

Defeat Trump

Indivisible has endorsed Joe Biden for president! This year, we’re going to kick Trump and his cronies out of the White House, ending the most dangerous presidency in history. 

Hold the House

Local Indivisibles are fighting to elect grassroots progressives across the country. We’re going to build on 2018’s Blue Wave and make history in the 117th Congress.

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Triple Your Vote

Vote tripling is a simple tactic that’s proven to boost voter turnout. And as we approach the most important election of our lifetime, we cannot risk leaving a single voter behind on Election Day. 

Pledge to Triple Your Vote

Write Letters to Voters

Over the last several months Indivisibles alone wrote nearly 2 million letters to voters in key states contributing to the over 17 million letters through Vote Forward overall. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who was part of this effort—whether writing thousands, hundreds or just a few letters of your own.

If you wrote letters and haven’t sent them out yet, please do so as soon as possible to make sure your work can reach voters before Election Day.

Dials to Save Democracy

Ready to start? Peer-to-peer phonebanking is the fastest and easiest way to make an impact this November. Phonebanking is proven to be one of the most effective digital tools available to boost voter turnout, and our program will allow you to speak with voters in real time and discuss why it’s imperative they cast their vote in defense of our democracy this November. Sign up for a phonebanking shift to support work in key races across the country and share information with voters on how they can safely cast their ballot.

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Wake up on November 4 knowing you did everything in your power to make Trump a one-term president.

For the last four years, Indivisibles have taken action to defeat the Trump agenda. You marched, you showed up at airports. You held die-ins to beat back Trumpcare, and visited district offices so often that some corrupt representatives decided to run and hide rather than face you! You built the Blue Wave to take back the House and rallied from border to border to #DefundHate. Now it is time to beat Trump, flip the Senate, and build a truly inclusive democracy.

We win with strategic and effective direct voter contact.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a challenging, painful year. But this year isn’t over—and we have a responsibility to keep working to dismantle the systems of injustice that have allowed so much of this to happen. From now until November, we must do everything in our power to defeat Trump, flip the Senate, and hold the House.

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