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Primary 2020: How We Engage to Win

We cannot afford to sit this primary out. We know many voters are nervous about primaries, and that’s completely normal. But we also recognize that Indivisibles are uniquely equipped to advocate for their values and support the voices of those who have been left out of the process for far too long. Primaries might seem intimidating, but they’re how we are going to test ideas, get our candidates and our movement ready, and do so all from a place of shared empathy.

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Bird-Dogging: Get Them On Record.

While our democracy has never worked perfectly—and was originally built to exclude people of color, poor people, women, and immigrants—we have made progress. But instead of building on that progress, Republicans want to keep the rules rigged in their favor. The situation is unsustainable and reflective of an unhealthy democracy that must be treated with far-reaching legislation. 2020 candidates need to recognize that passing these strong democracy reforms through the Senate will require structural reforms—specifically, eliminating the filibuster.

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While Republicans have twisted our immigration laws and broken international norms, many Democrats are still offering up outdated political responses or refusing to engage on the issue entirely. Democrats running for president in 2020 shouldn’t let Trump’s fear mongering define the debate. We need candidates who are grounded in Americans’ support for immigrants, willing to center the voices of impacted communities, and who won’t let this president scapegoat recent immigrants to win votes.

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We all know that Donald Trump is a foreign policy disaster. He’s put us all at risk by insulting key allies, violating international agreements, racking up the civilian body count across the globe, banning Muslims, escalating current conflicts, and threatening to start new ones. But it’s not enough to just criticize Trump—candidates need to show us their plan for a truly progressive foreign policy.

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Democratic candidates need to address the problems faced by Black and brown communities by having a race-forward approach to social and economic policy in this primary. That means recognizing the urgency of these issues, and understanding the harm endured by impacted individuals and communities. Donald Trump will run on open racism and appeals to white supremacists; our candidate must run on anti-racism and reconciliation if we want to heal wounds, motivate voters, and win.

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Democrats have often fallen into a defensive crouch on abortion instead of boldly defending access to abortion. 2020 candidates need to speak fluidly on the topic, without falling into right-wing traps or opening up space for any kind of rollback of abortion rights. Abortion access isn’t a necessary evil—it’s a social good and routine medical care—and candidates should speak about it accordingly.

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Climate disasters are already occurring globally and will result in unprecedented humanitarian crises. 2020 candidates need to be prepared to take action on day one of their new administration to undo the damage already done and go further than any U.S. leader ever has to eliminate fossil fuels, transform our economy, and lead us towards a livable future. Voters know this—strong climate policies will be key to turning out progressives next November.

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Heading into the midterms, health care ranked as the most important issue among voters of every race in battleground districts according to the 2018 Election Eve poll. Voters believe health care is a human right, and they expect candidates running at every level of the ballot to fight to protect and expand their health care coverage and access. Health care is a winning issue for progressives, and Democrats should be grounded in the fact that voters want candidates who will fight to protect the ACA and work to make sure all Americans have guaranteed access to quality affordable health care.

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The Issues We're Following

We believe the best way to pick a candidate who can win is to figure out which candidates are speaking directly to our values, and putting out bold policy platforms on the issues we care about. This isn’t just a values-driven strategy—it’s also strategic. The Democratic nominee will need to motivate a multiracial coalition of voters across huge swaths of American geography. Candidates who are able to articulate a real vision and plan on the issues we care about will be best positioned to motivate that coalition, and win in November.

In evaluating Democratic performance in the debates, we’ll be looking at how candidates respond to questions on the core issues we think will drive the 2020 campaign: Democracy Reform, Immigration, Abortion, Climate, Health Care, Peace & Foreign Policy, and Racial Justice.

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2020 Issue Focus


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Peace & Foreign Policy

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Racial Justice/the Racial Wealth Gap

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Health Care


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A Note About Electability

One thing we’ve been hearing a lot in media narratives around 2020 is that Democrats care most about finding a candidate who’s “electable.” A lot of the time, that’s code for older, white, and male. 

Honestly? We don’t buy it. No one was considered less electable than Donald Trump in 2015. There’s no paint-by-numbers code to crack to find the perfect candidate to beat Trump next year. The most strategic thing we can do is nominate a candidate who’s able to genuinely excite a broad multiracial coalition of voters—and the way to do that is to find the candidates who are speaking to the issues we think will drive the next election cycle. This isn’t just based on our opinions: we saw this strategy work in 2018, when grassroots engagement wound up retaking the House and—at the same time—electing the most diverse freshman class in the institution’s history. 

So don’t let pundits tell you who’s electable—look at who you find most exciting, and make it happen.